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These are quite a few years old. If you’d like to help update them, let us know!


Hawaii State Science Olympiad  and National Science Olympiad

Mark Hines Project: Modeling Theory for Physics Instruction

Pui Lam’s Bookmarks

Physics Resources:      The new AAPT blog site for all physics educators. Just launched at the 2012 Winter Meeting. It should be a source for all physics teachers.

Science Problem Solving Methods:

Browse or Search:


Online materials:

On-line Learning Assistance:

Physics Softwares:


Online Museum (General Public):



Physics Newsgroup



To be evaluated:



Internet Workshop:



Set up SLIP/PPP connection

Useful Internet Directories:



Pui’s HERN Projects:


Grants Info:


Build Your Own Web Server-Resources:


Local Brews:


Science Organizations:





On-line publications:



Tour Info:







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