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In this month’s newsletter, you will find an alternative method for determining the equivalence point of a titration, an experiment investigating the quality of olive oils, and a challenge to program a tracking laser beam. In addition, you can view a new Tech Tips video demonstrating different experiments using our Thermal Analysis app.

Sample Data for Alternative Method for Determining Equivalence Point

Alternative Method for Determining Equivalence Point

In our acid-base titration lab, the equivalence point is determined by the region with the most rapid pH change. An alternate way of determining the precise equivalence point of the titration is to take the first and second derivatives of the pH-volume data. For further details, preview our “Acid-Base Titration” lab.

Thermal Analysis Tech Tip Video

Tech Tip Video: Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE™

Follow along as our Director of Physics, Fran Poodry, walks through the functions of our free Thermal Analysis app. You’ll learn how to analyze the absorption of radiant energy, evaluate the transmission and reflection of infrared light, and determine respiration rate.

Sample Data of the Visible Light Absorbance Spectra of Three Standard Olive oils

Compare Extracted Chlorophyll from Olive Oil

Measure and analyze the visible light absorbance spectra of three standard olive oils: extra virgin, regular, and light. Then use the data to identify an unknown sample. A preview of this experiment is available from our Advanced Biology with Vernier lab book.

Tracking Laser Beam Diagram

Programming Challenge: A Tracking Laser Beam

Teach your students to program using Arduino™ microcontrollers and the Vernier Motion Detector. In this project, students control the movement of a laser pointer mounted to a servo motor. The challenge is to program the servo motor to track an object with a laser beam as the object moves up and down. If done correctly, the laser beam should be able to hit the object, even if it is moving at a modest speed. More details available on our website.

Are You Looking for a Bargain?

Recently, we have had teachers contact us wanting to donate their old LabPro or original LabQuest interfaces. If you wish to buy, sell, or donate used Vernier equipment, our Trade and Sell Forum is a good place to start.

Along those same lines, we sometimes have “gently used” workshop equipment that we sell at discounted prices. Check out the Clearance section of our website.

Free On-Demand Video Tutorials

Looking to learn about a new Vernier technology or sharpen your existing data-collection skills? Our free online video library features a range of experiments, tutorials, and product demonstrations that you can access 24/7 from your computer or mobile device.

Personalized Webinars

We offer free online training sessions for your entire department that can focus on basic or advanced use of Vernier technology in any subject area. Webinars are easy to set up and are flexible enough to accommodate your team’s busy schedule.

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